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    How To Shop At JBS-APS Online Store?

    Buying at JBS-APS is very quick and easy.

    Just add the products to the shopping cart, proceed to checkout, select the delivery method, proceed to payment and “order”!
    Please check the entire procedure (shopping cart » checkout » purchase) and all options in detail bellow.

    1º Shopping Cart:

    If you have an user account please login (optional step).
    If you don’t and don’t want to create an account you can make your purchase as a guest (without registration).

    You can find your products in our store by browsing the menu and categories or searching on the search box for the name of the product / brand.
    When you find the product (s) you want to buy, follow the next steps:

    1) Select the product (s).
    2) Click “add to cart”. You can continue to buy other products or complete your order. When you click on “cart” at the top of the page, please select the option “view all” and you will go to the shopping cart page.
    3) at the shopping cart, check that all the products you want have been added.

    On this page, you can change the quantity or remove them from the cart.
    After verifying that you have all the desired products, you must click on “proceed to checkout”.

    2º Checkout procedure:

    • Delivery data – Name, Address, Shipping cost, delivery method, delivery time

    Please be aware that if name and address are in Arabic, Mandarin, Hebrew or other variants, your shipment may be blocked due to the non-recognition of characters by the carrier and retention for lack of information in Portuguese Customs. To avoid delays please fill these data in English characters and provide full name and address.

    We ship worldwide. The shipping cost and delivery time depend on the products type, on the weight of the order, country of destination and method of delivery chosen.
    When you fill the delivery address and select the delivery method pretended, the shipping cost and the delivery time will appear immediately.

    If your delivery is to an island, please select the country to which it belongs.

    Depending on the delivery country we have minimum order amount for free shipping.

    It may happen that although your order has the value referenced for free shipping, you will still be charge for it. This includes situations of:
    • an order with high weight,
    • an order with a product that requires a specific transport method (perfumes by air transport)
    • products included in marketing campaign non cumulative with free shipping.
    Notes about dangerous goods and their transport conditions and restrictions:
    In our catalog there are products with flammable substances, such as perfumes or aerosols, which are subject to transport special conditions and that have some restrictions.
    Lux Grand Pharmacy is certified to ship dangerous goods.
    We only ship aerosols from Portugal to some countries which can be transported by land – DHL or, in exceptional cases, by Post in the case of Mainland Portugal. (
    Please note that estimated delivery times may fluctuate from the estimated times in the shipping confirmation email.

    In the case of sending perfumes, we ship worldwide (some exceptions may be applied) with a fixed shipping fee of $20 due to the special shipping requirements.

    As for the delivery time, please note that the stated period does not include the necessary customs clearance time when your order arrives in the country of destination (in the case of countries outside the United  States of America). Local customs have their own rules and procedures and unfortunately we have no power over them.

    • Payment

    1) Within the available payment methods, please select the most convenient for you.
    Please note that we do not have cash on delivery.
    If you choose to pay with a credit card, enter the card number, security code and expiry date of your card. Note: We ensure that the data on your card or cards is protected using PCI DSS v3.2 security standards.
    You can also choose to pay by PayPal, Google Pay, Cash App, Zelle, Venmo or Apple Pay depending on the device you´re using.
    There are some payment methods that are specific to some countries and are only available in those countries.

    Belgium – Bancontact and SOFORT;
    Brazil – Saldo EBANX, Débito Online and Boleto Bancário;
    Colombia – PSE – Pago Seguros en Línea;
    Germany – Giropay and SOFORT;
    Netherlands – iDEAL and SOFORT;
    Poland – Przelewy24 (P24);
    Portugal – Multibanco e MBway
    Mexico – Tarjeta de Credito Mexicana and OXXO

    All payments are made in the displayed currency. At the check out, the value that is displayed in the total is accurately the value charged after you click “place order”

    2) If you have a promotional/discount code, enter it in the “discount” field and click on “apply coupon”. Your discount will be added to your order.
    We suggest that you “copy” and “paste” the code sent by email in this field. Please note:
    You can only use the discount code 1 time and 1 code per order.
    The discount codes may not accumulate with some campaigns happening at the time of your purchase, ex: Black Friday
    Please check the conditions and expiry date of your discount code.

    • Review your order
    confirm all details before proceeding with payment, clicking on “place order”.

    3º Confirmation of your purchase:

    After making the payment and finalizing the order, you will receive an email confirming your order.
    The invoice will be available for download in your personal area (in case you have placed the order with the login) or through the shipping confirmation email.

    Please note:
    Samples are shipped randomly and their shipment is limited to existing stock. They are not mentioned on the shopping cart or order confirmation email.

    Samples are not shipped on orders with delivery in countries with customs restrictions.


    How To Use My Discount Code?

    If you have a promotional/discount code, you´ll apply it at the check out moment, when you have your shopping bag with the products needed and you click on “proceed to checkout”.

    At the checkout, below the payment method box, enter the discount code and click on "apply coupon". Your discount will be added to your order. 
    We suggest that you “copy” and “paste” the code sent by email in this field.
    Please note:
    You can only use the discount code 1 time and 1 code per order.
    The discount codes may not accumulate with some campaigns happening at the time of your purchase, ex: Black Friday
    Please check the conditions and expiry date of your discount code.


    Do I have to pay any taxes and duties or present any import documentation for customs clearance?

    For delivery in any European Union Country:

    Local VAT is applied to all destinations within the European Union. No extra taxes will be applied to the order.

    For deliveries in all the countries that are not European Union members:
    all products are sent with DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) which means the indicated price of the products does not include taxes and VAT.
    The recipient is responsible for all import fees, custom taxes and local taxes imposed by the country of destination.
    The payment of these taxes might be required in order to release the order from Customs. The payment is made directly to the courier (Regular Mail through National Post Service; DHL; UPS and FedEx).
    Specific documentation may also be requested in addition to the release the order from Customs.
    We cannot predict what documents will be demanded or the requested amount to pay for taxes, therefore we ask that you check with your country Customs agency before making an order. 

    For some countries, we have the shipping option of express shipping with DDP (Delivery Duty Prepaid) which means all duties are prepaid and customs procedures will be quicker because DHL will take care of all on your behalf. No more duties will be charged before or on delivery.
    Please note:
    Your shipping costs are already included in the total amount of your order. If the courier presents you with a separate invoice is because duty taxes were applied and they need to be paid.
    For further information, please the courier that you selected for delivery (Regular Mail through National Post Service; DHL; UPS and Fedex)
    Can I change the delivery address or cancel my order?
    All orders are processed and shipped within the working days of  the Republic Of Denmark national calendar. When placed until 14:00 (GMT), they are shipped the same day. Rare exceptions may occur, in such case your order will be dispatched as soon as possible.

    In case you want to change the delivery address or cancel the order before it’s dispatched from our warehouse, you can do it by following the link sent in your order confirmation mail “SEE ORDER DETAILS”. This is the quickest way of doing it. Only if you have any difficulty, as an alternative, you can contact immediately our Customer Care Service through our email sale@jbs-aps.com, indicating the number of your order and the subject.

    After the order being dispatched, some of the couriers we work with allow you to change the address or cancel the order even after its dispatch. Please check all details on the list:

    Orders shipped by Regular Mail service: Once the order is dispatched it is not possible to make any changes to it anymore.
    Orders shipped by DHL: Depending on the status of the dispatch and destination country, it’s possible to change the delivery address or cancel it.
    Orders shipped by UPS: It´s possible to change the delivery address or cancel it, as long as there has been no delivery attempt.
    When cancelation is not possible anymore, as an alternative you can refuse delivery or, if you accept it, you can return the order with expenses at your own cost.
    Please note:
    in cases of orders with strong evidence of fraud, JBS-APS Trading will cancel and refund the orders without any other justification, in order to protect all parties involved.
    How can I return an item?

    Within 15 days after receiving the order, if you are dissatisfied with it and you want to return any item, please contact our Customer Care Team by email support@jbs-aps.com to begin the process, stating:


    1. The order number.

    2. The items name you wish to return.

    3. The reason for return.

    Our Customer Care Team will review your case and send you all the instructions. The procedure is very simple.

    For returns by standard shipping, please note that with the United States customs restrictions it´s essential that you provide us the tracking number of your return to guarantee that it´s cleared as a return and no taxes are applied.
    Once it arrives to our facilities, the item(s) will be refunded maximum in 7 working days.

    Important note: We do not work with exchanges, only returns.


    • Returnable Items
    – Products unopened, unused and sealed in their original packaging, including the protective cellophane or labels (if any);

    – Faulty items damaged/broken during transportation;

    • Non-returnable items
    – Products purchased in promotion for nearing expiry date;
    – Open, used products;
    – Any issue with the products detected after the 15 days of being delivered have passed.